Greg Mendoza is a proven leader who supports:

EDUCATION: Fund K-12 Retention Programs to improve graduation rates, track drop outs, and provide alternatives towards earning high school diploma or GED. Partner with school officials to assess student performance at schools, including on and off reservation. Support the Gila River Higher Education/Vocational Education Scholarship Program. Coordinate with Tribal Education Department and the schools to take an active role in facilitating discussions with the Community’s programs and schools. Meet with school officials and teachers to provide educational expectations for our students. Develop Community Education Standards that includes elements of Culture Based Education. Unify all schools, develop a Gila River Civics and Cultural Curriculum, and assess Education Outcomes annually.

HEALTH CARE: Support our health programs and strengthen after care programs. Address Mental Health and Diabetes Prevention Programs. Meet with Gila River Health Care Corporation and Nursing Home leadership to advocate respect and quality of health care for Community members. Call for Tribal Consultation with Indian Health Service to review changes to health care delivery, to support where we can, and to work in partnership to improve health care for the Community.

YOUTH: To support youth related programs that are hidden in various departments or offices. When they are under an umbrella department with other programs, they are not a priority. They should be under one umbrella where the focus and commitment will be to youth services and programs. The Tribal Administration must establish goals and directives for children and youth services and programs. Otherwise, programs are fragmented, underfunded and with without vision. Establish the priority and work with tribal programs and the Community to create an implementation plan.

HOUSING: To assess housing projects, policies, decisions, applicant criteria, existing or non-existing policy to strengthen Department of Community Housing and to supplement tribal funds with federal funds. Assess Native American Housing and Self-Determination Act (NAHASDA). Using our own tribal dollars puts us in the driver’s seat. We make our own decisions regarding criteria and types of housing projects. To address infrastructure (sewer, power, water, and land) needs for housing and economic development.

FINANCIAL STABILITY: Strong leadership and foresight guarantees financial stability. Barriers such as internal processing of financial documents, contracts, district and program requests and lack of accountability for processing documents creates delays and impacts service delivery. I will improve the process and communicate the Community’s financial status. Accountability and solutions is my commitment.

ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT: Consult with the Economic Development Standing Committee and experts to assess economic conditions and opportunities in the Community. To partner with Districts and use the Community Master Plan to identify what economic development they want to see in our Community. Diversify our economy and lobby Congress to continue tribal bonding opportunities and work with BIA to remove barriers for projects.

PUBLIC SAFETY: Strengthen Community Policing to ensure law enforcement is responding to calls for service. Assess Police and law enforcement service delivery in areas not being addressed. Demand respect for our land, people, and laws.

NATURAL RESOURCES: Protect land, water, vegetation, and sacred sites. Update emergency plans. I will pay attention to climate and environmental conditions and prepare for impacts to our Community.

INFRASTRUCTURE: Work in partnership with entities in the Community to assess and make decisions regarding Land, Sewer, Water, and Power for housing and economic development. Partnerships include Districts and Entities who oversee sewer, water, land, and power. Complete Land Use Plans.

ROADS: To provide financial support to develop new roads, maintain roads, and assess equipment and personnel needs. Half of all roads in the Community are federal and state roads. I will also work with County, State and Federal entities to determine availability of funding to financially support Roads Department. To meet with stakeholders such as bus drivers, tribal and district van drivers to obtain input on current road conditions.

TRIBAL CONSULTATION: Prior to any change in regulations, policies, or implementation of service delivery by all state and federal programs, State and Federal Executive Orders require Tribal Consultation with Tribal Governments. To call for Tribal Consultation by working in partnership with state and federal entities to provide quality service to our Community.

COMMUNICATIONS: To provide consistent updates to Tribal Departments, Employees, Districts, the Community Council, the Elderly Concerns Group, the Council of Elders, the Youth Council and Urban Members living off the Community. Provide monthly updates via Gila River News, Tribal Website and Social Media. Use technology to communicate status of our Community.

PROTECT SOVEREIGNTY: Sovereignty is making our own decisions regarding current and future status of our Community. We must educate our People on Tribal, State and Federal Affairs, which impacts our Community. We must engage our people in all decision making.

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