Hope and Change for Gila River Indian Community

November 5, 2011

Dear Community Members:

I am at this critical crossroads in our future because of your overwhelming support. I believe that one of our greatest assets as a Community is our human resources. I believe that hope and the will of the people is what brings about meaningful change and am confident that the challenges we face now can be resolved by the innovation, creativity, commitment and love that we have together for our people and our Community.

Thank you for teaching and guiding me throughout my life about what is essential to protecting our sovereignty. I wanted each of you to know how much I respect your willingness to share your ideas and the trust you have placed in me in believing I will carry out your vision for the future of our Community.

As we, together take on the challenges of better health care, education, housing, youth development, infrastructure and balanced growth, I will be mindful that these issues are foundational to the economic and social structure of our Community and will define the quality of life for generations. I will approach the freeway issue from the perspective of the protection of our rights and our economic future. The ideas of the people will be foundational in dealing with this issue and guiding it towards a successful outcome for our future. The protection of sovereignty is the ability to control what is sacred to our way of life. Exercising our sovereignty by controlling how this issue is dealt with and the potential positive and negative impacts are critical. At the core of this process is the safeguarding of our history and the wisdom that has been shared for generations. I am confident that when you do what is right, success will follow.

This is your time to be heard.

What I have seen over these last several months is that people are ready to embrace change. There is a strong and unrelenting current of desire by the people to create a thriving Community that mirrors to the rest of the world who we are as a people and all that we hold sacred to our way of life. Hope is what will drive the vote in this election and the belief that together can achieve true freedom as a sovereign nation.

It would be an honor to represent you as your Governor for the future of our Community. I respectfully ask for your support and your vote on Tuesday, November 8th.

With enthusiasm and spirit,

Greg Mendoza

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